Accommodation deactivated - Aveiro's flat near O'Porto's city-Furadouro Beach

  • Aveiro's flat near O'Porto's city-Furadouro Beach Aveiro - Other Other (1 / 35)

1-5 guests

1 room

3 beds

1 bathroom

The accommodation

The apartment was renovated inside and outside. Has views over the sea and the main avenue,Is eqquipped with fan,flat LCD screen,hair dryer,The living room has a private balcony eqquipped with 2 garden chairs,offering beatiful views. There is a terrace with...


Located at Furadouro Beach in Ovar,Aveiro, this main avenue apartment is a renovate property.Is only 4 km from Ovar city centre, near Aveiro (south),near the city of O' Porto (north) and the International airport (north) and Coimbra city and University. Ovar...

Activities and attractions

The monuments are mainly religious,named the Chapels of Passos scttered alond the more ancient streets and which are a good pretext for a slow walk and for tasting Ovar Pão-de-ló (Ovar sponge cake) or the tiles"Azulejos". Ovar has already been named a living...

Features of the apartment




Garden furniture

Car park

Sea views


Satellite/cable tv





We are sorry but this accommodation is no longer published. But don't put your case away!

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