The best beaches in Cantabria with comments and pictures

Langre I beach Ribamontán al Mar, Cantabria
Valdearenas beach Piélagos, Cantabria
Arenal de Sonabia beach Liendo, Cantabria
El Sable beach Suances, Cantabria
Luaña (Cobreces) beach Alfoz de Lloredo, Cantabria
San Julian beach Liendo, Cantabria
Canallave beach Piélagos, Cantabria
Somo beach Ribamontán al Mar, Cantabria

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Mogro beach
Mogro beach
Mogro beach
Mogro beach
Mogro beach

Travellers' opinions

Mataleñas beach (Santander, Cantabria)

It isn, by: traveller, 07/Jun/2012
On the contrary: I used to go daily when I lived in Santander back in 2011 and it was often deserted. At night it's great for beach parties. Only crowded when the tide is up on a hot July-August day. The... [See more]

La Salve beach (Laredo, Cantabria)

by: traveller, 09/Jan/2007
I loved this beach. It was flat and full of activity. I played soccer and volleyball right on the beach.

San Julian beach (Liendo, Cantabria)

La playa bonita :), by: traveller, 09/Jan/2007
I went to this beach during my summer vacation and stayed with a local family. The beach was really beautiful and the waves were the perfect size for boogy boarding and body surfing. It was never too crowded and the scenic mountains right along the beach were lovely!!!.

Arenal de Sonabia beach (Liendo, Cantabria)

Impresionante!!!!, by: traveller, 01/Jul/2006
Joder vaya playita!!! más de 50 buitres cicleando en nuestras cabezas; olas surfeables y un paisaje único. Conoceis algún sitio así en España?.

Los Locos beach (Suances, Cantabria)

This beach is the best!, by: traveller, 02/Dec/2005
The soothing water and the wind makes it very grand.

Berria beach (Santoña, Cantabria)

by: traveller, 27/May/2004
lovely beach, friendly people, beautiful landscape, i will return soon.

Berria beach (Santoña, Cantabria)

NO COMENT, by: traveller, 05/Apr/2004
This beach, is the best with all beachs of "cantabria", Really nice!!! I hope to visit again. Also the people has a really nice smile!
Hasta pronto cantabria!!!

Los Locos beach (Suances, Cantabria)

Ultimate, by: traveller, 10/Mar/2004
One of the best in the whole world. Keep it up
bye OSHO

Somo beach (Ribamontán al Mar, Cantabria)

De lo mejor, by: jrodriguezrol, 12/Mar/2016
Fantástica playa de arenas y aguas limpias. Vistas espectaculares de la ciudad de Santander. Es tan grande que puedes practicar deporte sin molestar. Maravillosa.

Luaña (Cobreces) beach (Alfoz de Lloredo, Cantabria)

luaña, by: traveller, 06/Mar/2016
Bonita playa para ir con los niños.Puedes hacer picnic en mesas de madera.Baja un riachuelo de agua limpia en el que chapotean los más pequeños.Una gozada.

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