Lovely nudist beach, by: traveller, 04/May/2015
I have visited Los tusales beach. Fantastic place, like many people have commented, there is a, lets say " gay parties area " going on behind the dunes, don't bother me as they don't cause any problems.each to their own.But as a hetero young man, would like to know if there is also an area involving women and men?? Coooooool.!!!!
Smell the Roses, by: traveller, 27/Nov/2014
We go there when we want a full day at the beach,ideal for the picnic,if you want a peaceful day,we recommend playa los tusales.Always be careful with the currants and don't bring your life savings,this applys to all beaches.we find that most nudists are friendly and like a prepared for a nice walk to the beach but its worth it.
dunes not avalibale, by: traveller, 14/Mar/2013
I have been theere, but i didnt`like that we not could go to the dunes. Me and my wifw likes to be in the dunes. We likes us better at carabassi beach. We will be there in may.
Smell the Roses, by: traveller, 05/Dec/2012
Nice beach but be careful swimming there,beware of currents,as in all beaches you have to be careful with your valuables,in other words only bring the price of a beer plus car keys,them you should be able to mind.the middle of the beach seems to be gay 99% of whom mind their own business but there is always one who gives a bad name to the rest,ignore but be awake .all in all you will enjoy.
nice long naturist beach, by: traveller, 23/Sep/2012
well 1st time to this area of spain, and a nice long naturist beach to the south.I would say it takes about 15 mins to walk length of naturist section and sign posted and extended a little, why not a lot of textiles walk past and gork but we can't walk on there section nude.
Would definately go again, water could be a bit cleared but i suppose that's because harbour nearby.
Respect, by: traveller, 20/Sep/2012
Nice beach to get the allover tan,be careful where you swim,currents.long haul to get there as the car park is a good distance away and be careful not to leave valuables in the car,while the centre of the beach is gay friendly it shouldnt put you off,Enjoy
Conoisseur or the area, by: traveller, 25/Jun/2012
Tusales is, basically, a family beach. Nudism is practised in the far south.

First: climate has changed dramatically (imo to worse) in the last years. Now Tusales-Rebollo is not longer a peaceful beach where you can go bare as in other beaches you wear your swimsuit.

The nudist area is full of pervs of all kinds: from voyeurs to cruisers and swingers... that are not passive but address to you making open hard-core proposals. If you dislike such kind of open proposals... your stay will be as disgusting as mine.

Do not go to the dunes unless you wanna participate in some kind of sexual activity. It is not uncommon such a harrassement that some people (m or f) finish partipating in swinging, voyeurism or forced sex activity with people clapping their hands.

Unfortunately, scarce police presence (for some kind or unexplicable reasons, Spanish police seems to think that nudist beaches are supposed to be lawless resorts) which usually finishes in unpleasant beachtime if you keep in the seaside and something hard to name if you go to the dunes.

May be, if you go in a group of +4 people you will not be harrassed, but singles (m or f) and couples will have experiences as the ones described in this comment and in others.

And, yes, I have been living there for more than 10 years.
Nice beach , by: traveller, 03/Jun/2012
I use to go to the beach every time I am in Spain in the summer time. Was there last week :) , nice beach and many nice nude people . Brought my wife last year and she likes it to. If you dont want any " action " stay on the beach and not in the dunes :) ..... I`ll be back !
best beach, by: traveller, 07/Aug/2010
yes, it is best beach in Alicante when visit it 2008, love to see & go to nude area, go some fun there, as other said if u wanna fun go to duns or nude gay area, i love it so much & will go back again,,sure,,
, by: traveller, 04/Jan/2009
Large sandy open beach. Car park is free but fills up early in Summer and then you have a long walk. Our hire car was broken into on one visit. This is not uncommon so dont leave anything in your car worth stealing.
When you reach the beach it is textile (not nude). There is a kids play zone with slides etc and a hut to buy drinks and ice cream.
If you go >400m south that is where the nude beach starts. The beach is deep front to back, from the sea to the dunes. This means that there are nudist/naturists/families close to the sea and few, if any voyeurs. Then there is a wide open space in the middle area which is empty and at the back of the beach the dunes which merge into a large area with bushes and pathways. This area is where voyeurs and others cruise the area and where exhibitionists lay in the sun to be watched.
From my experience it is simple - if you dont want any attention stay at the front of the beach with the other visitors, and you wont get bothered. If you are happy with single men looking at you and perhaps approaching you go to the rear of the beach or into the bushes area - you will easily find quiet little areas.

When it is windy, the sand is fine, you get sand blasted! There are no huts/toilets etc in the nude area.
, by: traveller, 07/Jan/2008
I have to say that I have never seen as much perversion in the sand dunes and the woods to the rear. It may be ok for a single man but if you take your wife, avoid the dunes and the woods at all costs.
Don't Go Into The Sand Dunes, by: traveller, 24/Oct/2006
Be very careful on this beach. My wife was quite frightened after the perverted experience we had. A number of men were openly masturbating one day whilst we were sunbathing in the sand dunes. We were asked by one of the pervs if we were swingers and when said not he told us that there was a gang of men who whatched women on the beach. He also said that they whatched couples having sex in the bushes behind the beach and regularly participated in group sex. The police need to patrol this beach more often before these perverts ruin a nice setting for nudists.
Beware the pervs, by: traveller, 17/Feb/2006
Lovely beach but beware of the local perverts openly playing with themselves while they watch your wife/girlfriend sunbathing. They are at their worst in the winter months and seem to disappear in the summer. Despite a police precence, they still manage to make a nuisance of themselves.
Nice beach-watch out for the theives, by: traveller, 02/Jun/2005
Lovley beach but whilst sunbathing in April 2005 my wife's handbag was stolen..BEWARE!!! they are very crafty operators. Dont take any valuables only what you need and keep a watchful eye!!
, by: traveller, 26/Jul/2015
Sucia, lo del chiringuito en el extremo de la playa me parece destrozarla aún más, no es necesario poner chiringuitos en todas las playas de la provincia ¡¡además la mayoría siempre vacíos!!!!
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