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The promotional “Premium/Payment per Booking” publication mode means that you pay nothing for publicising your accommodation and Rentalia will only charge you a commission if you attain bookings through our website.

How do I activate Online Booking?

To activate this service, all you have to do is select the “Premium/Payment per Booking” option when you choose the promotion under which you wish to advertise your accommodation.

To activate Online Booking you have to be registered on the AvaiBook booking engine, but to make it easier for you, if you are not registered on AvaiBook, we will create a username for you and we will register your accommodation so that you can receive online bookings. Bear in mind that you will have to give us an account number so that we can pay you your bookings; it is essential!

If you already have a username on AvaiBook, we will link it to your Rentalia username and we will import the prices you have on AvaiBook.

When we register you on AvaiBook, we do so under a very advantageous plan, subsidised by Rentalia so you don’t have to pay any set fee on AvaiBook. If you have more than one accommodation unit advertised you can also benefit from this Plan but you must have online booking activated for all of them. You can see all the functionalities of your special plan here (in Spanish).

Do I have to access AvaiBook to activate the booking?

We activate the booking for you, and when we do so you will receive an e-mail informing you it has been activated on AvaiBook. You can access your profile using the username and password you have been sent.

You do not necessarily have to enter to activate the Online Booking service because we have already activated it, but it is useful to enter to set certain details to your liking, such as Special Rates, additional services or your preferences for collecting payment for your bookings. It is particularly important that you review the bookings Cancellations Policy to adapt it to your interests and to avoid future misunderstandings. Thanks to this policy what happens in the event of a traveller or you cancelling a booking, if within the corresponding deadline a reimbursement is applicable, etc. will all be set down in writing. It is a written commitment between the owner and the traveller, supervised by AvaiBook.

How does the Online Booking service work?

1- The “Online Booking” option will appear on your advert.

2- Travellers can select the dates they are interested in, consult the price and request a booking for those days.

3- You will receive an e-mail and a text message on your mobile informing you that that a booking is waiting to be confirmed. You will have 24 hours to accept it, otherwise the request will expire. The bookings you receive via this system will always be under your control; nobody can book your property without your consent.

4- Once you confirm the booking, the dates will automatically be marked as not available on your calendar.

5- Once you accept a booking, the traveller will be charged the booking deposit, which will be supervised by AvaiBook; it will be sent to you 48 hours after the traveller arrives at your accommodation. You will receive the rest of the rent when most convenient for you and via the payment method of your choice.

6- AvaiBook will send the amount corresponding to bookings when said sums reach the threshold amount for payment, set by default at €125, or on the first day of each month. However, you can modify this if you prefer by entering the panel on AvaiBook.

The advantages of the Online Booking service

1- It enables you to manage your bookings comfortably, quickly and professionally.

2- Security and confidence for you and your travellers.

3- You open up your accommodation to foreign tourists, more inclined to online bookings.

4- You maintain your calendar and rates up to date on several portals from a single site.

5- You improve your visibility on Rentalia: the advertisements for which Online Booking is active are highlighted using an icon in the results list.

6- It improves your advert conversion rate while travellers can still contact you by e-mail or telephone.

7- No affiliation fee, you only pay per on-line booking. Here you can see all the features available on your special plan.

What costs does the service imply?

The Payment per Booking service has no fixed costs; if you don’t obtain bookings with Rentalia, you don’t pay commissions.

If you do obtain bookings, the associated service costs are:

- The Rentalia commission fee (10% of the total booking) including VAT. The commission fee depends on the country where the accommodation is located: View details by country.

- AvaiBook fees: €1 per booking + 2% of the booking deposit, or any other amount (surety bond, cleaning, extra expenses, etc.) charged through its payment gateway (not including VAT).

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