Advice for a satisfactory rental

Renting a holiday home is very easy and we, at Rentalia, would also like it to be safe and satisfactory for both owners and travellers. Very often misunderstandings and negative opinions are produced by a bad communication between both parties.

If you are going to rent a holiday home, we would like to give you some tips so that you do not have to worry about anything during your stay:

  1. Details and characteristics of the accommodation
  2. Find out the total cost
  3. Use the online booking service; it's the safest way and it incurs no fees!
  4. It is important to make a written contract
  5. Use the online booking service; it is safer and free of commissions!
  6. Clarify with the owner how you will be given the keys and agree on the cleaning conditions on arrival and departure
  7. Obtain several different contact telephone numbers: mobile and landline
  8. “Doubtful” houses and possible scams

Details and characteristics of the accommodation

Try to have a clear idea of all the things that are important with regards to the accommodation: the exact address and location of the accommodation, the distances and access to places of interest, the distribution of beds and rooms, the facilities on the terrace, kitchen utensils, sheets and towels, possible noises, etc.

Ensure that you have a clear "picture" of the accommodation given that the majority of negative comments are a result of false expectations.

Find out the total cost

It is important you confirm the rental price with the owner. The lists and the advertisement show the minimum price per night for the accommodation, but that price/night may only be valid for fortnightly or monthly rentals. Hence it is very important that you get in touch with the owner to confirm what the accommodation will cost for the days you wish to stay and for the number of people who will be staying there.

Furthermore, it is also advisable to enquire about the total cost because sometimes cleaning, parking or gas/electricity/water consumption incur a supplement.

A clear idea of the total amounts to be paid up to arrival, return of the deposit and cancellation conditions, avoids surprises.

Use the online booking service; it's the safest way and it incurs no fees!

An increasing number of accommodation units offer Online Booking. Rentalia makes a tool available to home owners whereby they can accept online bookings with which travellers like yourself do not pay commission fees.

Furthermore, making a booking through the Rentalia platform implies additional security for you, because you pay by card, one of the most secure means. The owner has 24 hours to confirm or reject the booking and, once confirmed, what you pay as a deposit will not reach the owner until you arrive at the accommodation. You can, of course, write an email to the property owner at any time to clear up any doubts you may have before booking the accommodation.

So if you have two options – to pay the deposit using Rentalia’s Online Booking service or paying the deposit to the owner by another means, the first is the best option for you. Neither of the 2 implies a commission fee for you and the first offers you much more security and confidence.

It is important to make a written contract

In order to avoid any misunderstandings and give greater security both to the owner and the traveller, we recommend that you sign a written contract. In Rentalia you can see examples of contracts both for booking and rental.

The contract must clearly contain the conditions of the rental. We also recommend that you include important information such as the arrival and departure dates and times.

Use the online booking service; it is safer and free of commissions!

An increasing number of accommodation units offer Online Booking. Rentalia makes a tool available to its users so that travellers like yourself pay no commission fees when they make their bookings.

By booking through the Rentalia Platform you obtain extra security because payment is by card (one of the safest means of payment) and because the accommodation units have an Anti-fraud Guarantee whereby what you pay as a deposit will not reach the owner until 48 hours after you arrive at the accommodation.

You can of course send the owner an e-mail whenever you like and clarify your doubts before booking the accommodation. But in order to be able to enjoy these safety guarantees, you must make your booking through our booking platform.

Clarify with the owner how you will be given the keys and agree on the cleaning conditions on arrival and departure

Make sure you clarify with the owner how you can collect and return the keys at the start and end of your stay and if there is a change of sheets or cleaning for stays longer than seven days.

Obtain several different contact telephone numbers: mobile and landline

It is a good idea to have, apart from the owner’s email, a telephone number where they can be contacted.

Hence, in the event of an emergency during your stay, (for example if there is a maintenance problem), the owner can be contacted. A landline offers more guarantees regarding the identity of the owner.

“Doubtful” houses and possible scams

In Rentalia, we have developed innovative systems to detect possible scams before they are published. We are sure that more than 99.9% of accommodations are real and legitimate.

Even so, there is always a margin of error, and so we advise you to follow this advice and avoid any possible fraud or scams:

- Do not trust owners that can never be contacted by telephone or refuse to give you a landline number.

- Watch out for incoherences between the language of the owner, their nationality, their telephone number, their country of residence, etc. For example, if the owner tells you that they live in the United Kingdom but they have a Spanish telephone number, or if they say that they are French but do not write this language correctly.

- Do not trust any surprisingly low prices and placing a lot of pressure on you to finalise the rental.

- When you sign a contract ensure that the owner’s ID number and basic personal details appear on the agreement.

- If the owner asks for a transfer, the details of the accounts must coincide with the details that appear in the contract (name, place of residence, ID number, etc.).

- Do not trust any excuses or explanations that sound 'strange'. As with everyday scams, those that appear on the Internet are usually based on stories with a lot of personal details that a normal owner would not normally mention.

- Certain methods of payment are safer than others. Payments with a credit card are the ones that offer the greatest guarantee. Services of a direct money transfer (like Western Union, Moneygram, etc.) offer the least guarantee. Although some of our owners use these because they are more comfortable, do not trust it if it is the only method of payment that they propose.

What to do if you have any doubts?

- First of all, contact us. You can write to, and we will gladly help you in every way we can.

- Look at the length of time that the accommodation has been published in Rentalia.

More than 12 months in Rentalia is an additional sign of the reliability of the published information. Also check if it has opinions from other travellers, it is very strange for a fake house to have any.

- If you have doubts whether the house is actually theirs, ask the owner for a copy of their DN I and the registry of the property. If the rental is managed by an agency, ask for complete details (CIF, address, web, etc.) to ensure that it is legal.

- If it is possible, or if you know somebody that lives where you are going on holiday, ask the owner for a visit to the accommodation before making a booking. The majority of fraudsters will cut off the communication once you ask them to do something like this.

We hope that this advice will help you to make your stay as happy as possible :) By the way, if you think that any important piece of advice is still missing then please do not hesitate to contact us.

What does 'not verified' mean?

Some accommodations advertised in Rentalia have a 'not verified' warning. What does this mean?

The accommodations have been advertised in Rentalia for less than 12 months and this gives us very little time to get to know the owner. We have sent a code to the address of the accommodation by post so that the owner can verify it, but we have not yet received a reply. We therefore recommend that you proceed with caution:

- let us know if you have any doubts
- read the other recommendations carefully, which you will find in the section on advice for a satisfactory rental.

What does 'verified' mean?

Verified accommodations have gone through our security protocol. You can have greater trust in an accommodation for either of these two reasons:

A. The length of time (the seniority) the owner has been advertised with Rentalia:

The owner has advertised accommodations in Rentalia for more than 12 months. During this time the advert has been subject to doubts and opinions which have given it greater credibility.

B. Because the address has been checked:

Rentalia has checked the address that the owner has given of their accommodation. The accommodation address can be checked in two different ways: a) The owner asks us to send them an alphanumerical code by post. We send this code by post to the accommodation address. When the owner receives it, they give us this code.. This way, we can verify that they have access to the advertised accommodation letterbox.

b) The owner can contract a professional Photo book. Rentalia will then send a photographer to the address, who will acknowledge the existence of the accommodation, and we will publish the photos with the sign "Photos taken by Rentalia" in the accommodation file.

This protocol will stop a very large proportion of possible cases of fraud. However, we cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness. If you have any doubts or suspicions, or would like to receive further information on an advertisement, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at, and we will investigate it further.

Under no circumstances will "Verified" mean that Rentalia has checked the characteristics of the accommodation, the distances, the descriptions, etc.t he owner is responsible for the veracity of these details.

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