About Rentalia.com

Rentalia.com is the website in the idealista group that undertakes the promotion of temporary or short-term lets, holiday homes and country cottages. Our policy is based on putting users and owners in contact with each other as easily as possible.

Company details:

Rent Alia Holidays S.L.U.
VAT number: ES B83467613
Address: Plaza de las Cortes 2, 5ª - 28014 - Madrid - España
RM. Madrid, Tomo 18,424, Libro 0, Folio 200, Sección 8, Hoja M-319796

Holiday rentals and holiday cottages of idealista.


What can you find in Rentalia.com?

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In February 2024, Rentalia.com has 379,663 visits and 200,937 active recipients of the service per month*.

*Average for the last six months calculated from figures taken from similarweb.com. For clarification purposes, the number of visits and the active recipients of the service (i.e., de-duplicated audience) may include non-EU traffic.