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  • Classic

    0for 1 monthfor 3 months

    • check_circleTry it free for a whole month with no obligations
    • check_circleTry it free for 3 months with no obligations
    • check_circleContact travellers by email and telephone
    • check_circleBasic position in the lists
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  • Premium

    10%per booking*

    • check_circleNo registration fees - you only pay for the bookings you get
    • check_circleEasy and professional management
    • check_circleMore security for you and your travellers
    • check_circleSynchronisation with other web portals
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  • Platinum

    120for 4 months

    195for 12 months

    75for 4 months

    159for 12 months

    • check_circleTop positions in the lists
    • check_circleDirect contact with travellers: manage your bookings in the most comfortable way for you
    • check_circleOne single payment and you can forget about it
    • check_circleSpecial deal on a year-long contract: €295/12 months (you save €5 a month)
    • check_circleSpecial deal on a year-long contract: €159/12 months (you save €5.50 a month)
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21% VAT not included (the Promotion period is non interruptible, it is not possible to divide it up in any way). Prices are subject to annual reviews. The offers for new advertisers are for one advert and cannot be combined. No refunds will be made, total or in part, for deregistration prior to the end date contracted.

*Payment per Booking: Rentalia's fee is applied on the total amount of the booking, IVA included. In addition, AvaiBook applies a management cost of 1% on the total booking amount + 2% of the booking deposit, or any other amount (surety bond, cleaning, extra expenses, etc.) charged through its payment gateway (additional 2% for international, non-SEPA, AMEX and B2B cards), not including VAT.

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